spike®_map – smart data for 100% in-line quality control

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Schleifen Von  Maxime Mader veröffentlicht am  25/08/2021
spike®_map – smart data for 100% in-line quality control
spike®_polar (left) & spike®_kpi (right).

The spike® sensor technology records force and torque in real time directly at the point of operation, without loss of cycle time and thus allows complete 100% in-line production control. Costs for downstream component measurement and interruptions in the production flow are eliminated. Thanks to the innovative algorithms and their linking with tool and machine data in the spike®_map, spatially resolved quality monitoring and machine reactions are ensured.

spike® technology – big data
The spike® sensor technology is available both as a tool holder and as a spindle-integrated version and can therefore be used in retrofit solutions as well as in new machines in the monitoring of all processes.
By parameterizing the spike® tool holders into different sensitivity classes, the necessary sensitivity of the measuring forces can be achieved both in finishing and deburring processes or machining with the smallest tools, but also in heavy machining. And this while at the same time ensuring stiffness of the holders. The wireless functionality offers the advantage of unrestricted travel distances and cycle-time-neutral use without additional set-up effort or broken cables, especially in multi-axis simultaneous machining, but also for components with many tool changes.

spike®_polar – optimal use of data
The patented spike®_polar resolves the bending moment measured on the rotating system in a stationary coordinate system. This visualization serves the quick and easy identification of process anomalies such as vibrations, wear conditions, drill bits or imbalances. Even a single cutting edge break can be detected.

spike®_kpi – smart data
In order to adapt the force measurement data in a machine-readable manner, process or tool specific characteristic values are generated in the ToolControlCenter software, as spike®_kpi’s. These standardized kpi’s make it possible to easily generate understandable data – “smart data” – from the total generated output – “big data” – according to the requirements.
Intelligent calculation algorithms not only evaluate percentage or absolute force values, but also analyze the shape and nature of the spike®_polar (and thus the tool or process) in real time. This generates readable commands for machine control. For example, this enables a wear-based tool change or other machine reactions that can be initiated in the event of a process anomaly.

spike®_map – smart in-line quality control
Downstream quality costs which are incurred after the value-adding process, represent a large cost item to producers. With the spike®_map, a digital twin of the manufactured product is created live during the machining process. For this purpose, the Tool Center Point (TCP) is determined with the help of the axis and tool information. By informing the TCP of the spindle position and other knowledge from the NC program, the position of the tool can now be brought into relation to the workpiece at any time. The subsequent correlation of spindle position and generated force measurement data is a real digital twin of the component, on which process disturbances are displayed spatially resolved.
By plotting the previously mentioned smart spike®_kpi’s in a spatially resolved way, the digital twin has an even higher significance. This process leads to immense, unprecedented cost savings potentials which lead from automatic tool change to 100% inline quality control. It is also possible to generate automated quality reports for each manufactured component.

Against the background of the shortage of skilled workers, as well as the increasing pressure of cost reduction, the conversion to digital solutions in machining is becoming indispensable. While a large part of the manufacturing industry is still talking about the feasibility of unmanned production, pro-micron offers the solution for the digital transformation in machining with the spike® systems. Production with as few men as possible, optimized processes and maximum tool life are already an unavoidable topic for all companies in machining. Companies must invest intelligently now in order to save costs in the future and thus remain competitive. The monitoring system is not limited to new machines, but can also be easily retrofitted to existing machines.
Through holistic, networked use of spike® systems, starting with the support tool for the machine operator with spike®_assist, through series-accompanying process optimization with spike®_expertline to process automation with spike®_easyinline, pro-micron’s customers not only have a product range, but also an investment in the future – because pro-micron is already developing the technologies of tomorrow today.
This year you can visit our team online and on site at EMO Milan: Online you can find us at DiMaP3.0, the pre-EMO digital machining market place from 21.-24 September at www.digital-machining.de.
On site in Milan you will find us in Hall 5 / Booth 1, from where you can visit other DiMaP partners using the DiMaP Trail as a navigation aid.

Autor: Markus Preuß [B.Eng.]
Head of Product Management Tool Control
Mob.: +49 151 688 234 38

digital twin spike®_map.

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spike®_map – smart data for 100% in-line quality control
Maxime Mader

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