New Zubora lubricant series for machining

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Kühlschmierstoff Von  Maxime Mader veröffentlicht am  25/08/2021
New Zubora lubricant series for machining
Whether room temperature or 40 degrees Celsius, without flocculation and cloudiness: The cooling lubricant Zubora 57 H Ultra proves a high long-term stability.

With the Zubora 57 series, the lubricant experts from Zeller+Gmelin present modern, water-miscible cooling lubricants for machining. The products, which are free of boron and formaldehyde separators, cover a wide range of applications with their individually tailored additive concept: from normal to tough steel, aluminium or cast materials. Even the processing of non-ferrous metals is possible in many ways.

According to Zeller+Gmelin, the new water-miscible Zubora cooling lubricants make a convincing contribution to economical and sustainable production for a wide range of machining tasks. Products from this new series can be used even for the most demanding machining operations.
For example, Zubora 57 H Plus is also ideally suited for grinding as a lubricant for medium-duty machining operations. The Extra and Ultra products are even more powerful.
Due to a high proportion of polar additives, Zubora 57 H Extra guarantees an outstanding reliability even for difficult machining tasks. With additional EP/AW additives, Zubora 57 H Ultra (for hard water) or Zubora 57 S Ultra (for soft water) ensures maximum process reliability even for the most difficult machining tasks. In addition, the semi-synthetic lubricants with a mineral oil content of 30 percent offer excellent corrosion protection.
As studies from the development of lubricants at Zeller+Gmelin show, the products have a good long-term stability. Various 5 and 10 percent emulsions were tested, made up with water at 40°dH. The samples were then subjected to an aging test. The samples were stored over a period of four weeks at room temperature or at 40°C. Even in the “endurance test” at 40°C, the samples show no optical changes after four weeks, which has shown a good long-term stability. This significantly extends the maintenance intervals, which leads to long-term cost savings for the equipment.

Long service life guaranteed: With the optimally
coordinated formulation, the water-miscible
Zubora cooling lubricants of the 57 series score
with an excellent price-performance ratio.

New Zubora lubricant series for machining
Maxime Mader

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