Innovative cutting and clamping tools for machining applications

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Praxis und Prudukte Von  Maxime Mader veröffentlicht am  25/08/2022
Innovative cutting and clamping tools for machining applications
The EMUGE BASIC-DRILL for universal applications.

The EMUGE-FRANKEN group of companies will present a convincing portfolio of innovative cutting and clamping tools for a wide range of machining applications at AMB 2022. New products and solutions from the areas of drilling, threading, milling and measuring will be presented in Hall 1, Stand H 40/H43/H51. Visitors will get to know the world of workpiece clamping and EMUGE’s clamping solutions. The following highlights stand out from a multitude of new products and solutions:

The new twist drill EMUGE Basic-Drill convinces with universal possibilities of application, whereby steel materials are the focus of the tool design. The carbide grade, the coating and the geometry of the cutting edge have been optimised for universal use. The special cutting edge produces very short chips and shapes the chip so that it can be easily removed from the hole through the optimised groove. The twist drill is optimally guided in the hole thanks to the design with four margins and does not jam in stainless steel materials. A particularly robust cutting corner ensures precise drilling and long tool life. The end of the shank has been designed so that the EMUGE BASIC DRILL can be used not only with emulsion but also with minimum quantity lubrication (MQL). The BASIC-DRILL is rolled out country by country.

EMUGE offers the EMUGE Punch Drill to reduce main machining times. As a result, time savings of 50 % and more are possible, with reduced or unchanged axial force. The high feed drill is suitable for machining cast aluminium alloys. Newly developed surface treatments and a specially designed hard material layer enable reliable chip removal and increase process stability. A special chip breaker keeps the removed chips short and thus helps to control the machining forces. Large clearance angles at the drill tip provide additional support here. The benefits of the tools include shorter machining times, fewer tool changes and a high metal removal rate.

The EMUGE Punch Drill shortens the main machining time in the drilling process.


EMUGE’s clamping technology offers customised clamping concepts for components of alternative drives. The focus of the presentation at AMB 2022 is a clamping mandrel for turning and milling the rotor shaft of an electric drive. It meets the requirements for maximum precision and strong holding forces. Thanks to the sophisticated design and interaction of exchangeable clamping elements, several clamping levels and flexible workpiece end stops, the workpiece is clamped without deformation. Various machine connections enables a flexible and highly accurate machining via several different operations. The automatic loading option rounds off the clamping concept. EMUGE exhibits this clamping device fully functional and thus offers the possibility to get familiar with the technology and advantages.

EMUGE clamping concept for rotors of electric drives.

When clamping workpieces, it’s not just a matter of precisely clamping components for machining. The high requirements on precision are joined by many other challenges. EMUGE meets them with its convincing clamping systems. They are available in mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic versions. Visitors of the AMB will get to know the complex clamping systems, including all the technical refinements based on fully functional models. The company will exhibit a total of nine clamping systems, including the latest version: the additively manufactured “SL” clamping system. This clamping sleeve is produced by additive manufacturing with a large number of longitudinally oriented meander-shaped clamping segments. The meander shape distributes the forces evenly over the entire surface without stress peaks. The patented geometry prevents the individual clamping segments from interlocking.

The EMUGE Speedsynchro® Mini is a collet holder with transmission gear and minimum length compensation and is designed for use in Brother and Fanuc machines. Like the Speedsynchro® Modular/ NFC, it has an integrated transmission gear which increases the speed of the machine spindle by a factor of 4.412 on the tool side. The higher cutting speed can reduce the cycle time by up to 50%. At the same time, the machine spindle can be operated in a lower speed range, saving up to 90% energy. The dimensions and weight allow the tool to be changed at normal changing speed, and an additional holder in the tool changer is not required.

The Speedsynchro® Mini reduces cycle times.

The FRANKEN division will present a new tool made of high-hardness cutting ceramics. The specially designed geometry of the FRANKEN Cera-Cut milling cutter brazed onto the solid carbide shank is designed for interrupted cuts and is suitable for high-temperature resistant materials such as Inconel, Hastelloy and Nimonic. Furthermore, the machining of hardened tool steels is possible with this tool. The milling tool convinces with optimised vibration damping and is available in different diameters from 6 to 20 mm, as well as in the corresponding inch dimensions. Available variants include end mills with corner radius and modular designs, special designs can also be realised.

The FRANKEN Cera-Cut is suitable for high-temperature resistant materials


EMUGE-FRANKEN also offers a complete solution for skiving tasks: Clamping devices for the workpiece, the tool as well as the skiving cutter are supplied from a single source. The FRANKEN division uses software for the design and layout of the skiving tools for the respective customer requirements. The optimum cutting strategies and cutting values are generated via an integrated simulation and made available to the customer. The high-precision skiving tools are manufactured on state-of-the-art tool grinding machines with the appropriate grinding software. A measurement report is supplied with every delivery of skiving tools and FRANKEN application engineers provide support during the initial use of the skiving tools. The skiving tools for internal and external gears are available as bell-type or shank-type tool variants in the module sizes m 0.4 – m 5. Furthermore, FRANKEN is also available for the repair of the skiving tools.

Skiving tools from FRANKEN.

Innovative cutting and clamping tools for machining applications
Maxime Mader

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